DNS Configuration for Android

Find and open Settings on your device.
Tap on Wi-Fi
In the top-right corner of the screen tap on the 3-dot menu and choose Advanced.
On the Advanced page, scroll down to the bottom of the list and find the IP Address field.
Please write down the IP address displayed on your device screen. You will need it later.
Press the Back button to leave the Advanced page.
Long-tap on the active Wi-Fi connection. (Long-tap requires a tap and hold for about two seconds)
Choose the option Modify network config.
Tick /select the option Show advanced options.
Then change the IP settings field to Static.
Change the following settings.
In the field IP Address: type the IP address which you found at step 4.

In the field Gateway: type first three groups of numbers from your IP Address, then change the last grouop to .1
E.g: The Gateway Address is usually: or

In the field DNS 1 enter:
In the field DNS 2 enter:
Hint: Please choose from our DNS Server List the closest server to your current location.
Tap Save to finish the configuration.
Open the link below and authenticate your Android device.
Hint: If the apps you need are not available on your Android device or in the Play Store, please check our guides on how to get US Apps on your device.