Method - Get Apps Using a New US Google Account

Note: This method is required if a Non-US credit-card is linked to your Google Play Store account.
Find and open Settings on your Android device. then find and open Accounts
Scroll down to the bottom of the list and tap + Add Account Find and tap on Google to add a new Google Account.
On the page titled: Add your account
tap the link: Or create a new account
Go to the process of creating a new Google Account.
Enter your name
Enter your password

When you reach the country and phone page
Change your country location to US
and finish all remaining steps for account creation.
Open the Play Store app.
Tap the hamburger menu (3-line menu) in the top left corner of the app.

Tap on your email address
You will see a list of available Google Accounts which are used on your device.
Select the new US account which you created previously

Accept the Terms and conditions prompt and your Play Store location will switch to US.
Install the apps you need.