DNS Configuration Guide for Chromebook

Hint: You migh need to enable Experimental static IP configuration on your chromebook before changing the DNS Settings on your Chromebook.
Open the browser and type in the address bar: chrome://flags
Find the entry named: Experimental static IP configuration and enable it.
Skip to step 3 if the entry above is not available.
Restart your chromebook by choosing the restart button shown at the bottom of the screen.
Open the browser again and click on the menu icon located in the top-right corner of your browser.
Then click on Settings.
Under the Internet connection paragraph,
click on the name of your active network connection (e.g.: Ethernet or Wi-Fi network)
Under the Network tab,
choose Custom name servers
in first field enter:
in the second field enter:
Hint: Please choose from our DNS Server List the closest server to your current location.
Click Close to finish the configuration.
Open our detection page and check if DNSProxy is active on your Chromebook.