DNS Configuration for older LG Smart TVs & Players

Hint: This guide is valid for Non-Web-OS TVs built by LG before 2014. If you have Web OS running smart TV please use our guide for Web OS TVs.
Use any computer or tablet which is connected to the same network as your Smart TV and authenticate on the link below.
Go to Settings
Open the Network menu and select Connection Setting
Open the option: Advanced Settings.
Depending on how your TV is connected to the internet please select:
Wired if you use a cable connection;
Wirelless if you use a WiFi connection.
Find the option DNS Server and switch it from Auto to Manual
Enter the following information in the available fields:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Hint: Please choose from our DNS Server List the closest server to your current location.
Press Next and wait for the Network test to complete and press OK
To receive the US Channel Apps on your TV
Go to Settings -> Network -> Smart Service Settings -> Manual and select United States (US) as your current country.