Install US TV Apps on your 2011/2012 Samsung TV Models or 2012/2013 Blu Ray Players

Open the SmartHub interface and press the following key combination on your TV remote:
Using the remote, press:
Press Fast Forward(>>)
Press 2
Press 8
Press 9
Press Fast Rev(<<)

The key sequence that needs to be pressed one key at the time then press the next key in the sequence fast.
Hint: You have to press the combination fast and the Country Selection dialog should appear.
When the Country Selection Dialogue appears, please select US or United States as your country.
Complete the rest of the setup procedure and wait for any smart hub updates.
Hint: Please do not stop the process untill all US TV Apps are installed on your TV or Blu Ray Player.
When you finish the process, all normal TV operations will remain as they were (your cable/satellite/terrestrial TV).
However, you will find the US Channel Apps in the Smart Hub.