Install US TV Apps on your Samsung Smart TV – Model 2016 (K Series)

Note: In order to enable US Channels Apps you will need to reset your Smart TV. This means that most TV settings will be lost.
Press Menu on your remote control.
Go to Support > open Self Diagnosis > and select Reset
In order to reset your smart TV
Enter your owners PIN. Default value is 0000
Select Yes in order to confirm that you wish to reset all settings.
The Smart Hub will reset and you will receive a confirmation message.
After your TV restarts, select your language
Go next
Set your country as Others
Go to the next page
Start scanning the channels: Scan
You will be able to stop the scanning if you do not wish to wait.
Go to the next page
On the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions Page, you will need to dial a code on your TV remote.
Locate the keys below on your remote and press the combination in sequence, one key at a time:
and then CHANNEL UP
followed by MUTE once more.
Note: You have to press the combination fast and the Country Selection dialog should appear.
When the Country Selection Dialogue appears, please select United States of America as your country.
Complete the rest of the setup process
Agree to any further smart hub updates.
Note: Do not stop the process until all US TV Apps are installed on your smart TV or Blu-Ray Player.
When you finish the process you will find the US Channel Apps in the Smart Hub.