Proxy Configuration for Sony Smart TVs & Players

Hint: This guide is valid for Non-Android TVs built by Sony. For Android TVs please choose the other configuration guide.
Use any computer or tablet which is connected to the same network as your Smart TV and authenticate on the link below.
Go to Home -> Settings -> Network -> Network Setup
Depending on how your TV is connected to the internet please select:
Wired if you use a cable connection;
Wirelless if you use a WiFi connection.
Find the option: Select how you configure the IP address and proxy settings and chnage it to Custom
The next scree displays IP address settings, Auto or Manual set it as Auto
and press Next
The next scree displays Do you want to yse a proxy? set it as Yes
Enter IP:
Enter port: 443

and select Next
You should see a summary of the settings.
Select Next to continue.
Select Save & connect.
Wait for the network setup to complete: Network set up is complete, the TV has successfully connected to the network. Select OK.
To receive the US Channel Apps on your TV
Go to Setup -> Network and select the option Refresh Internet Content