DNS Configuration for Windows PCs

Start by opening Control Panel
- Right-click on the Start button then click on Control Panel.
- or Click on Start button and type control panel. Click on the search result Control Panel to open it.
Click on Network and Internet
Click on Network and Sharing Center
Find your ACTIVE Internet connection which is described as Access Type: Internet
And click on this active connection.
Hint: Active internet connection can have one of the names:
Local Area connection (Ethernet)
Or Wireless Network Connection
Click Properties
Click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)
Then click on Properties
Select the option: Use the following DNS server addresses
Enter the following information in the available fields:
Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:
Hint: Please choose from our DNS Server List the closest server to your current location.
Click Ok
Then click Close to finish the configuration.
Proceed to our detection page and check if DNSProxy is active on your computer.