DNS Configuration for Xbox 360

Note: You need the US TV Apps on your Xbox in order to be able to stream content.
If your Xbox 360 does not have the apps installed, please contact support and we'll provide the information on how to get the apps.
Open the Settings section.
Then, open System
Open Network settings
Choose your connection type: Wired or Wireless
Then, open Configure Network
Change the DNS Settings from Automatic to Manual
Enter the following information in the DNS fields:
Primary DNS Server field:
Secondary DNS Server field:
Hint: Please choose from our DNS Server List the closest server to your current location.
Select Done
Press B on your xBox Controller in order to save the DNS settings.
From any device connected to the same network as your Xbox:
. Visit http://www.dnsproxy.tv/update
and enter your DNSProxy username and password.
Note: You may need to restart the Xbox before using the service.