1. How do I use DNSProxy.tv?

You need to configure your device to the use DNSProxy.tv settings.
Please follow our step-by-step configuration guides available for all your devices.

2. How do I check if my device uses DNSProxy.tv?

Open our detection page and check if the service is detected as active:

3. Why is my DNSProxy configuration not detected?

There can be a couple of reasons why DNS Proxy configuration is not detected. In some rare cases it’s possible that your current internet connection has some restrictions which block the DNSProxy configuration.
Please contact support to troubleshoot the issue and we will provide a compatible solution.

4. How can I troubleshoot my DNSProxy configuration?

Please follow again the configuration steps and see if you can spot any differences or errors.
You should check that there are no missing or extra characters in the Proxy or DNS configuration fields that you need to fill in.
Contact support and provide the error message that you received on your side.

5. I can’t connect to the VPN server.

Please check that you typed your DNSProxy username and password correctly including any existing capital letters.
Contact support if the problem persists.